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Associations by Skerppla
First, there was the powerfull plays of a church organ. Then I saw an eye. It was round and soft - forgiving of nature. An apple tree grew behind it, small and weak it stood but beautiful none the less, with a treetop that should have bin too heavy for it's slim trunk where a snake swirled around it slyly. One single apple hung from a branch, big and luscious. A hand small and fragile reached out from a shadow and grabbed it... The elk beneath the tree was chained by the neck with a hook that penetrated it's flesh and tore it apart - it roared as it ached and blood like a flood spouted down it's foreend infinitely. Upon a cross, duplicated in the bottom, hung a large wing... heavy and quiet, like a dead body.

I then saw a scull. It was large with huge black eye sockets, where a tung wormed it's way around it. The music became louder, more distorted, as tungs began to wring out of every hole enveloped in saliva. From the skulls mouth hung long spikes that shone so brightly they blinded me shortly. When I opened my eyes again, a dove passed me by, white and beautiful, but bloody. Behind it dropped it's eyeballs that had easily pupped from it's head. It landed upon a heart, penetrated by an arrow. It hung by a string of blood in the air, and an iron ball weighted it down towards the red dark sea, where two blood stained hands held on desperately. It swung slightly by every beat - while a hunter from above tried to reach for it with it's long white teeth. Then the music tore my ears from by face and pushed me down into the deep deep sea where everything became dark.

______________________Dust and Gold______________________

Sorry for the long tekst if it fails badly. I kinda haven't read it trough myself.
So I made this in the run of a weeks time when ever I had a pause at work.
It's a lot more symbolic than what I usually do, But I'll properly start to make more of these things.
I'm... satisfied with this, and I think I might put it upon a shirt eventually.
It gave me a lot of practice, this thing, as I drew a lot of things I had no idea of how to draw -
and that I have never really full out shaded with a normal black thin pen. So, yeah. xD 


Swollow by Skerppla
The sins you swallow, they live inside. They laugh of you, in despise.
The feed upon you, all you life. someday, you shall pay the price.

____________________Dust and Gold_______________________

Sat down and wanted to sketch something quick. I wanted to draw something uncomfortable, and thought of this. 
Zean gives me great inspiration like always. Awesome model for dark images as well - as his mind is obscured and worn out. 
I've grown found of black and white drawings like these, SO ~ I'll properly be doing a lot more of them in the future. 

Hope nobody will mind. Enjoy! ^_^ 


Dust and Gold by Skerppla
Dust and Gold
A quick sketch I did... not that great really... but yeah. I've bin thinking of making the comic for some time, so I just decided to play a bit with the cover design in a rush. I would properly not look anything like this but, baaaaah. Maybe the postures, but not sure. xD 

You want it or nah? Tell me! ^_^ 
A Game of Thrones - fan cover by Skerppla
A Game of Thrones - fan cover
Souuuuu, I'm out "working" for a graphic company - and they gave me this job... I'm failing a bit at meeting their expectations, but I still think this turned out alright so far. It still looks more like a comic book than an actual literate book, but I'm fine with that so far. Gotta admit - I'm sadly still better at drawing animals that I am, humans. Sigh.... Anyway, enjoy ~ Every house is featured btw ^_^ 

Do not use any of my work without written permission directly from me!
'A freaking cintuq 13hd .... I'm so excited. My other tablet is dead for the moment, and I'm starting to miss drawing digitally real bad, so this is just soooo great! 
I hope I won't be dissapointed... I'll tell you all what I think xD Maybe

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